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  • Q: What holidays affect my service?
  • A: The County landfills and local recycling facilities are closed on July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, therefore, we do not collect. When those holidays land on a weekday, we simply push all residential and commercial service back one day.
    For example: If Christmas is on Thursday, we pick up everything as we normally would on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We would then pick up Thursday’s routes on Friday and pick up Friday’s routes on Saturday.
  • Q: I have a large item (like furniture or an appliance) that won’t fit in my cart?
  • A: We can help. Our bulky waste hotline is (661) 322-6863 for all unincorporated county residents. If you live within the city limits, please call (661) 326-3114. When you call, simply arrange a time to set your bulky item on the curb, in which case one of the haulers or authorized collector will come pick it up. Additionally, we have 2 collection events per calendar year typically in April and October. At that time, you can bring as many bulky items as you would like to one of the drop-off locations between 8am and 1pm.
  • Q: My container wasn't dumped. Why?
  • A: Our drivers are deployed with “non-service tags” that would typically be attached to your cart handle and would explain most problems. Some examples of non-service reasons are: the cart is over-loaded, the cart is blocked by a vehicle, or there may be inappropriate material in the cart. However, if there is no tag and the container was out prior to 5:00 am, please contact our office for further assistance.
  • Q: What time are the haulers allowed to start picking up trash?
  • A: Collection begins 5am in unincorporated Kern County and 6am within the Bakersfield City Limits.

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